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The Journey of Crew 10:
A Case Study of War and Human Consciouness
Clyde L. Baird and the rest of Crew 10 were a part of the 8th Air Force in England during the bombing of Europe.  They endured thirty missions, constantly wondering if they would live to see the white cliffs of Dover one more time, during each flight. 
The post traumatic stress they and their families endured when they returned from the war was as bad or worse than the war itself.  There was little help for them; there is still little help for our veterans who return from war.  This book is a case study of what happened to Crew 10, with possibilites for class use in the study of PTSD, social aspects of war, and spirituality/religious studies.
Concrete - Abstract: Classroom Culture from Babbling 

This book explains a simple way of teaching verbal fluency in a Spanish second language classroom.

Sirens: The Continuum of Intonation

Intonation is the method by which we begin to acquire our first language. This process begins in utero and develops a relationship between mothers and their children more than any one else.

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